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Thunder of Life Waves
Furious sounds of all things passing by
23rd-Mar-2011 02:54 pm
I don't know if I prefer to be around people or not. I had some weeks where almost every day I had to do something for the community. I had some weeks where I wanted down time and yet that idea got completely wiped out...as the week carried on. There are weeks when I emerge from a previous week that was overbooked and didn't want the sudden stillness. And then there are times when people just stir up unnecessary drama or that interacting with people stir up too much concern. And there are times when it feels like so much fun I want to do more.

Given my new mission to act like I have a strong sense of right and wrong and driven to straighten the injustices in life, I actually find being around people more tiring lately. Such is life...

I wonder what kind of legacy I'm leaving when people realize the things I've done. And the way I may or may not have touched other people's lives...
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