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Thunder of Life Waves
Furious sounds of all things passing by
Keen on attraction 
13th-Feb-2011 11:57 am
So while I hung out with a big group of people, I can feel who was attracted to me...and yeah it's still several girls. Or rather, what tends to happen, a leader of a group of girls is fond of me and this makes a sudden surge of girls who momentarily take an interest in me. I wonder if all these years of being technically single has taught me when to trust these signals, except when I am very invested in the person myself.

Which brings me to the subject of the last 1000 posts. I know I'm not weird for being guarded and not quick to trust people, but I do think that when I am this guarded, that it is hard not for me to read into it or feel weird when I get closer and closer to people. If I like this person, it's the fastest way for me to feel really really confused.
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