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Thunder of Life Waves
Furious sounds of all things passing by
Life is just so much 
18th-Dec-2010 12:58 pm
firefox vs ie
I conked out last night, lights weren't off, I didn't finish my tea...

This week I had to get my shit together to arrange a team outing for work, and it didn't quite work out as intended. The only thing I got down for sure is my decision. Just as I am pretty sure who I want to try being with. Just a decision.

But then I go through these notions of understanding what the decision I made actually means...

And then I've got other things like glee club rehearsals that keep me busy, just enough to overlook the fact that the club includes at least one person whom I think might be interested in me. Someone said that probably half of the people in my life have at least briefly entertained the thought of sleeping with me. I guess it's a good thing to keep busy so I don't have to feel the whole weight of that...(to try and not enjoy the attention too much and also not worry about hooking them on.)

Also I have to figure out who to ask about going on a cruise with...because at this rate I might pull off some bad stuff again.
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