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Thunder of Life Waves
Furious sounds of all things passing by
September 4th, 2011 
11:17 am(no subject)
I have a lot of trouble articulating just what it is that I'm "working on." At least I have the strength to say that I am working on something, if anyone thought I was just slacking off...

Let's try figuring this out:

- I've been frustrated with my parents, mostly because we seemed to have communication problems. I've been trying to improve my communication skills. This is why I need to be around people, to get this right.

- I've been seeking love, but I do not believe that sex is necessary for me to find it. I believe in it's power...and I've been reading up on how to find love. And again, this requires me to be around people...sometimes it's as simple as just sitting around and chatting.

- I've been subconsciously desiring power. Perhaps it's why I get entangled with the people that I have...and the leadership type people are the ones that get the most attached to me...and express that attachment.

Then there was the fact that I hardly felt guilty as I let someone who can inspire me stay in my office for 4 hours, taking a very extended lunch break, even though my team was counting on me to get to bottom of something. It was only slightly because of romance... I think I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do, the bigger picture of my life, as opposed to the annoying little details. Maybe there are more...but I am now drawing blanks.
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